Increasing Shugden

A photo of a thangkha at Ganden Sampeling.

The manifestation of Dorje Shugden for increasing activities (rgyas mdzad) is shown in these images. Dzeme Rinpoche (1921-1996)1 wrote a ritual specifically for this manifestation at the request of Gangchen Rinpoche called A Request to The Glory of the Three Worlds, The Increaser Dorje Shugden and Retinue.2 In the invocation the Nine Great Mothers (yum chen dgu) are included as well as wealth gods (nor lha).

1 TBRC Person RID: P2425.

2 'Jam mgon rgyal ba'i bstan srung rdo rje shugs ldan gyi 'phrin bcol phyogs bsdus bzhugs so. Bylakuppe, India: Ser smad gsung rab 'phrul spar khang (1992), pp. 73-74.

This image contains Dzeme Rinpoche's ritual in the bottom paragraph. The image below is on the front of this image.